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As children, these women might have passed around rumaki and crudité as their mothers learned to apply fuchsia lipstick at Mary Kay parties.

Doctors told a 16-year-old girl that chemotherapy could make her infertile. She had just weeks to decide if she was going to freeze her eggs.

These women learned about egg freezing to help decide if the process is right for them.

WALTHAM, Mass., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — Boston IVF today announced a participant in their fully enrolled egg…

There is a simple blood test that can provide some important answers and some peace of mind years before becoming a mom.

Word got out earlier this week that Facebook and Apple will be offering a new perk to their female employees. They become the first major employers in the country to cover the costs for employees to freeze their eggs, including for non-medical reasons.

Normalizing fertility procedures with Apple, Facebook, and a martini.

Dr. Rita Sneeringer and Dr. Alison Zimon, reproductive endocrinologists from Boston IVF, had invited about 90 women in their 30s to the Frost Ice Bar on State Street to talk about freezing their eggs, which can allow women to put off having a child without worrying about decreasing fertility.

Boston Fertility on Ice event to showcase option of egg freezing.

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