Egg Freezing Consultation

Schedule an Egg Freezing Consultation

Have questions about egg freezing and want to schedule a consultation with our team of experts?
Perhaps you just need some questions answered or a bit of advice?
Our initial fertility egg freezing consultations are a great way to learn more about our process and how we can help.

Our experts are now accepting new patients at the following locations:

  • Our Maine Egg Freezing Centers in Bangor & Portland
  • Our Massachusetts Egg Freezing Centers
  • Our New Hampshire Egg Freezing Centers in Bedford & Rye
  • Our New York Fertility Centers in Albany & Syracuse
  • Our Rhode Island Egg Freezing Center in Providence

At your egg freezing consultation, you will:

  • meet with our experts to review your medical records and fertility history
  • have an opportunity to ask questions
  • receive a detailed outline of your treatment options
  • schedule fertility testing that tests your ovarian reserve

To make an appointment with one of our egg freezing experts please call 888.300.2483 or fill out the form below: