Why Age Matters

Why Age Matters

Fertility Age Factor

Age in Years

Unfortunately, the “biological clock” is not just a myth.

 In fact…

  • Your fertility starts to decline from about age 30
  • As you get older, the chances that you’ll conceive go down, while the likelihood of infertility goes up
  • It’s not just about the number of eggs you have; it’s also about the quality of those eggs.
    Unfortunately a greater percentage of “good eggs” are lost earlier.
  • For most 30-year old women, only 12% of their eggs have the potential to become babies.
  • By age 40, only 4% of those eggs remain.

Your Chance of pregnancy each month with Age


30 years old

A healthy 30-year old women has about a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month.

40 years old

A healthy 40-year old women has about a 5% chance of getting pregnant each month.

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