Why Consider Egg Freezing

Why Consider Egg Freezing

The “best time” to start a family is an entirely personel decision only you can make – and may change over time for any number of reasons. Whether you are not in a suitable relationship right now, you are focused on your career– or just aren’t ready to have children – they’re ALL good reasons!

But biologically speaking, there is a “best time” to plan for the possibility. Egg Freezing ensures that you have that choice when you’re ready – and it is an excellent back-up plan if you run into fertility problems down the road.

Your Age And Egg Supply

Your are born with a finite number of eggs that can be fertilized; a reserve that decreases rapidly over time

2 million – the average number of eggs at birth
400,000 – the average number of eggs at puberty
100,000 – the average number of eggs at age 30
0 – the average number of eggs at menopause – between age 45 and 55.

Capturing eggs at the optimum time increases the chance of a successful pregnancy.

Are You Facing Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatment?

If you are a cancer patient or have other medical conditions involving treatment that will severely compromise your fertility, you can freeze your eggs immediately. Our Fast Track Program can begin with your next menstrual cycle. Rest assured you will always have the option of pregnancy at a later date. Click here for more information. why-age-matters-button