Our Egg Freezing Process

How Does the Process Work?

The actual egg freezing cycle takes two weeks, beginning with the first day of your period, and ending with the retrieval procedure. But let’s start at the very beginning. Here’s what’s involved, step by step.

Meet with a fertility specialist at one of our 25 locations. Our egg freezing experts will work with you to explore your options. Schedule an AMH (anti-Mullerian Hormone) Ovarian Reserve Test. Monitoring will occur several times using ultrasound and blood tests to determine the best timing for your egg retrieval.
Review Your Test Results with one of our experts. Based on the quantity of your ovarian reserve the doctor will help you put together a schedule. The Egg Freezing Cycle begins on Day 1 of your period.
On Day 3, start taking the prescribed medications. On Days X and Y
The days are not fixed. You will come in 3-4 times for monitoring before retrieval.
Between Day 11-15 is Your “Procedure Day.”
The egg retrieval takes only 10 minutes and is performed under light anesthesia.
Your eggs are frozen within 2 hours, using the latest vitrification technology.
The eggs are safely stored at -196 degrees Celsius in one of our state-of-the-art laboratories. Egg Freezing FAQs